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iPhone iphone installer.app : APlogger 1.0.5

iphone installer.app : APlogger 1.0.5

APlogger is a native iPhone/iPod Touch application that scans and logs visible WiFi Access Points similar to iphone stumbler but containing a few extra options:

- summaries of the most recent scan and all past scans since invocation are displayed.
- detected APs are logged in a tab-separated logfile for offline analysis. Logfile names are expanded using strftime().
- the current location may be enumerated and is logged with each AP entry (sorry, no GPS support yet!).
- one-off scans, or periodic "auto-scanning" at a chosen rate, may be requested.
- the detailed view of the most recent scan may be sorted by SSID or RSSI.
- the WiFi interface may be turned on and off with a simple control.Repository (ModMyiFone): http://modmyifone.com/installer.xml

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