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iphone communication software

under this category you can find all iphone software which gives you the possibility to communicate with external users or internet
AIM 1.0 software
AIM 1.0 for iphone is iphone software which allows you to connect and chat with your friends over the AIM network using your iphone and a WiFi, GPRS or 3G network. This software requires iPhone Firmware 2.0 or higher
Facebook is one of the most popular internet communities at the moment, and now you never have to miss the latest updates again... This iphone software application can be downloaded for free from the apple store and requires iPhone Firmware 2.0 or higher
iFob 2.0 apple
iFob is real-space social networking software iFob uses the built-in Wi-Fi communication of Apple iPhone, iPods and PCs, and turns these devices into homing beacons, broadcasting, or just listening, for other copies of iFob. Instead of logging onto a social networking site and searching through lists of far away strangers who may be living in virtual fantasy lands, iFob finds other people who are
Twitterrific 1.0
This tool helps you to find friends or family on the Twitter social network
Twittelator 1.0
Twittelator is a completely advertising free twitter client for iphone, requires iphone firmware 2.0 to be installed
Twinkle 1.0
Twinkle is an other freeware twitter client for the apple iphone
MySpace Mobile 1.1
always watch myspace updates as first over the GPRS or Wifi network on your iphone. This is a myspace client for iphone
NetNewsWire 1.0.1
NetNewsWire 1.0.1 is a free native application based on the award winning RSS feed reader for Mac. NetNewsWire for iPhone provides you with a lightweight, easy application for keeping up with feeds on the go and it syncs with NewsGator's suite of RSS readers, including NetNewsWire for Macintosh, FeedDemon, Inbox, and NewsGator Online. RSS is the fastest and most efficient way to read your favorite
iPhoneModem 1.0
iPoneModem converts your iphone into a dialup modem for your laptop, so no need for an internal or external GPRS card anymore
PdaNet 1.40
It allows your laptop (or desktop) to go online wirelessly by connecting it to your iPhone through Wifi. PdaNet goes through the unlimited data plan on your phone and does not require any extra service
PdaNet 1.51
PdaNet gives you the possibility to use your iphone as some kind of modem, just connect to your iphone using wifi and let your iphone make an internetconnection for you wherever you are. This software requires iPhone OS 2.x
first of all, Heysan does not need to be downloaded, its an online chat client for AIM, MSN and ICQ, so you connect to their website on your iphone and you have immediate possibility to start chatting with all your AIM, MSN and ICQ friends
IRCm 2.0
IRCm 2.0 is an IRC chat client for your iphone which was build inside a GUI
iTalk 1.0
iTalk is a SIP client for your iphone
Meebo is again an other online Instant Messaging chat client for your iphoneAIM, Yahoo, Google Talk and MSN account which can be used online without installing anything to your iphone first
Siax 1.09
Siax for iphone supports multiple VOIP providers to make cheap calls when you are in a WIFI Hotspot or you have a 3G/UMTS/Edge/GPRS connection. Notice that Siax works with SIP and IAX2
Siphon 2.0.0-2
SIPhon allows you to create cheap SIP/VOIP calls when you have Wifi network coverage in your neighbourhood
with iBlacklist you can filter out unwanted calls on your iPhone as soon as you receive them. Keep a blacklist from annoying contacts to keep you clear
Bite SMS 3.2
Bite SMS 3.2 allows you to send cheap SMS messages all over the world by sending them over the internet instead of through your provider. this iPhone software download is an updated version of Bite SMS 2.0
Mcleaner 1.6.4
Mcleaner is an other firewall application for your iPhone, this software blocks unwanted calls from people on your blacklist. It can even block unwanted incomming SMS messages
MySMS 0.99
with MySMS you can send encrypted SMS messages to your friends or your secret lover!
SMSNotify 2.0
SMSNotify reminds you of missed calls or SMS messages received on your iPhone, if you didn't hear your iPhone ringing the firsttime or you didn't feel it vibrate, this iPhone software will warn you after some minutes by buzzing again.
SMSNotify 2.0
SMSNotify message repeater
Notifier 2.1
Notifier 2.1 iphone notifications
MySMS 0.99
MySMS iphone SMS encrypter
Mcleaner 1.6.4
Mcleaner iphone callfilter
iRealSMS 2.0
iRealSMS 2.0
iBlacklist iphone callfilter software
Snapture 2.2.4
Snapture iphone camera application
Pushr 0.7
Pushr flickr iphone upload tool
gPsPhone 5
gPSPhone 5 gameboy sim
MyFox iphone browser
Adblock iphone MobileSafari ads blocker
vlc4iphone 1.6.1
vlc4iphone iphone media player
Qik iphone video streamer
LiveCLIQ iphone video streamer
iComic 13
iComic iphone comic viewer
Scrobbled 3.141
Scrobbled last.fm iphone daemon
gTxtEdit iphone text editor
CopierciN 0.3
CopierciN iphone copy and paste
Minipiano 1.2.1
minipiano for iphone
iDrums 1.0
iDrums iphone drum machine