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iphone installer.app

here you can download or find links to all kinds of iphone software which can be installed through the iphone installer.app
Apache 1.3.37-2
This is the famous apache webserver for iphone downloadable through the installer.app Repository (BigBoss): http://iphone.sleepers.net/repo.xml
APlogger 1.0.5
APlogger is a native iPhone/iPod Touch application that scans and logs visible WiFi Access Points similar to iphone stumbler but containing a few extra options:

- summaries of the most recent scan and all past scans since invocation are displayed.
- detected APs are logged in a tab-separated logfile for offline analysis. Logfile names are expanded using strftime().
Apollo IM 1.0.2
Apollo IM chat client for iphone is a chatclient which supports the following networks: AIM, ICQ, and MSN
Repository (STE Packaging): http://repo.smxy.org/iphone-apps/
This is the infamous Installer.app for iPhone
Repository (AppTapp Official): http://repository.apptapp.com/
feed the fish during the boring moments on your iphone….
Repository (STE Packaging): http://repo.smxy.org/iphone-apps/
play one of the oldest games ever on one of the newest and fanciest phone… this is backgamon for iphone
Repository (RiP Dev): http://repository.ripdev.com/
Now you have also a command line IRC client for the iphone available…
Repository (BigBoss): http://iphone.sleepers.net/repo.xml
iFob 2.0
iFob is real-space social networking software iFob uses the built-in Wi-Fi communication of Apple iPhone, iPods and PCs, and turns these devices into homing beacons, broadcasting, or just listening, for other copies of iFob. Instead of logging onto a social networking site and searching through lists of far away strangers who may be living in virtual fantasy lands, iFob finds other people who are
Twinkle installerapp
This twinkle twitter client can be installed through the installerapp.
Repository (AppTapp Official): http://repository.apptapp.com/
Bosstool 2.0
BossTool gives you the possibility to move iphone applications to free space on your device, to jailbreak prep your system and many more things…
Repository (BigBoss): http://iphone.sleepers.net/repo.xml
BSD Subsystem
like the title says, this is the BSD subsystem for iphone.
Repository (AppTapp Official): http://repository.apptapp.com/
Camera Pro 1.14
Camera Pro allows you to adjust color, exposure and shutter speed, to set a timer to take pictures of yourself or to zoom in digitaly, everything which can be done with a normal digital camera can now also be done with your iphone...
Repository (Makayama): http://www.makayama.net/r.plist
Capture iphone screenshot 0.1.0-6
an easy to use iphone screen capture program allows you to take screenshots of whatever you are doing on your iphone…
Repository (BigBoss): http://iphone.sleepers.net/repo.xml
Converter 0.22b
converter 0.22B is a Unit converter for iphone
Dashbuster 0.5.2
Dashbuster allows you to manage your blockbuster queue straight on your iphone. It allows you to add movies from blockbusters RSS feeds, drag and drop queue reorganization, view shipped and queued movies or just perform a regular movie search… Repository (STE Packaging): http://repo.smxy.org/iphone-apps/
DNS Tools 1.0
Perform nslookup, dig, host.
Repository (BigBoss): http://iphone.sleepers.net/repo.xml
The ultimate software for every drum freak, have a drumcomputer right in your pocket on your iphone, create beats during the boring moments or just come up with a complete new song, drummer allows you to do this...
Repository (ModMyiFone): http://modmyifone.com/installer.xml
15 displays 15 numbered blocks on the screen, and when you are ready, it will scramble all blocks 40 times, after this its your job to get them back together...
Repository (STE Packaging): http://repo.smxy.org/iphone-apps/
Fivedice is bether known under the name yathzee, roll the dices and try to get as much exotic combos as possible to try to score as high as possible…
Repository (BigBoss): http://iphone.sleepers.net/repo.xml
This one works easy, it just puts the brightness of your iphone at full power and displays a white rectangle, so your iphone screen will be as bright as possible...
Repository (STE Packaging): http://repo.smxy.org/iphone-apps/
Frotz brings you back to a few decenia ago where interactive textbased fictiongames where common. Frotz 0.7 allows you to play any of hundreds of great works from the Interactive Fiction archive
Repository (STE Packaging): http://repo.smxy.org/iphone-apps/
Genesis4iphone brings back the joy of Sega to your iphone, works on both iphone and ipod touch
Repository (ModMyiFone): http://modmyifone.com/installer.xml
gpSPhone 2.0.0-2
gpSPhone is a Game Boy Advance emulator for iphone.
Repository (ModMyiFone): http://modmyifone.com/installer.xml
iContdown is a countdown timer for your iphone, countdown to whatever event you want, to up to 4 different events at the same time
From now on you will be able to upload your pictures taken immediately to your Flickr account…
Repository (AppTapp Official): http://repository.apptapp.com/
iGo 1.7
iGo is a iphone version of the popular Go game.
Repository (Robota): http://iphone.robota.nl
iGXP2 1.0
GXP2 keeps your golf score for you at your iphone. Notice that this is an early version of the iGXP2 software, so it might still be a bit buggy…
iNewsGroup 1.0.6
iNewsGroup is a Usenet newsreader for your iphone
Insomnia 1.1.4
Insomnia is an iPhone native application that, when enabled, will prevent the iPhone from sleeping, thus overriding its default behaviour. This allows background applications to continue to run and WiFi to work long after the screen has been switched off. (The iPhone's default behaviour is to sleep 30 seconds after the screen has gone off, when not docked and charging that is). Notice that this ve
Insomnia 2.0
Insomnia is an iPhone native application that, when enabled, will prevent the iPhone from sleeping, thus overriding its default behaviour. This allows background applications to continue to run and WiFi to work long after the screen has been switched off. (The iPhone's default behaviour is to sleep 30 seconds after the screen has gone off, when not docked and charging that is). Notice that this ve
iPhone Chess 1.7
This brilliant chessgame allows you to play and switch to other applications without having to be affraight of losing a game since it has an auto save feature which makes it possible to switch to your agenda or other application and back. Anyway, this is just a great chess game for iphone!
Repository (Robota): http://iphone.robota.nl
iPhone Guitar Tuner 1.1
Let your iphone listen to your guitar and it will tell you if it needs adjustments or not
Repository (Robota): http://iphone.robota.nl
iPhone Recorder 1.2
iPhone Recorder is a powerful sound recorder specially made for iPhone. It can record sound as mp3, mp4(ringtone required format) or aac formats on the fly, so you may record audio to ringtones directly. The recording is space saving, all-day-long high-quality recording will be a file as small as 0.5G. iPhone Recorder supports intelligent recording volume dynamic adjustment algorithm which guarant
iPhone Video Recorder 2.4.1
iPhone Video Recorder is a powerful iPhone oriented video recorder produced by DreamCatcher. iPhone Video Recorder records audio and video to the compressed mpeg4 format, so the recording is space saving, an-hour-high-quality recording will be a file as small as 60MB. iPhone Video Recorder boasts a frame rate up to 15fps which guarantees better recording performance . With iPhone Video Recorder, r
iPhysics 1.1
iPhysics 1.1 is a small iphone software program which uses the proximity sensor of your iphone to control the objects on the screen.
Repository (ModMyiFone): http://modmyifone.com/installer.xml
iRadio 1.0b4
iRadio 1.0 is an internet radio tuner software application for your iphone which can even playback audio in 3D
Repository (BigBoss): http://iphone.sleepers.net/repo.xml
irssi is a command line IRC chat tool for iphone
Repository (BigBoss): http://iphone.sleepers.net/repo.xml
iScores is a program which can be used to track the scores of different sports
Repository (ModMyiFone): http://modmyifone.com/installer.xml
iSlsk 0.3
iSlsk 0.3 is a small P2P network program, so from now on you can download from the soulseek P2P network without needing a computer.
Repository (BigBoss): http://iphone.sleepers.net/repo.xml
iSMS 1.0rc1
A native SMS application for iPhone, with the following enhancements:
- Support smilies in Message
- Forwarding received message
- Search your message
- Delete message one by one
- Send message to multi-recipients
- Send contact information via SMS
- User could create pre-defined texts and append them into messa
iSnake 0.4.0
iSnake is the iphone version of this by nokia introduced mobile game
iSpit 1.5
iSpit is a very small http server application which allows you to download files from your iphone using your favourite browser. Repository (Robota): http://iphone.robota.nl
native flash card application for your iPhone.
iZoo 1.2
iZoo is a bejeweled like puzzle game for the iphone
Level 1.1
Accelerometer based level.
Lockbox 0.7.1
Lockbox makes storing your passwords easier, just lock your iphone lockbox software with one single password, and behind this software you will be able to retrieve all your passwords…
MACalc is a native RPN/Algebraic calculator for iPhone. Repository (ModMyiFone): http://modmyifone.com/installer.xml
Colloquy 2
Colloquy is is a Mobile Colloquy for iPhone, based on, but not related to, the great IRC core from the Mac OS X version of Colloquy
Metronome firmware 1
Metronome for iphone firmware 1
Minesweeper 1.0
Mines 1.0 is the classic minesweeper game for iphone. Repository (BigBoss): http://iphone.sleepers.net/repo.xml
MobileCast 2.2.4
Listen to podcasts over the GPRS or Wifi network using your iphone and this MobileCast 2.2.4 iphone software. Repository (STE Packaging): http://repo.smxy.org/iphone-apps/
MobileChat 2.23
This well developed iphone chat client runs on both the Wifi or Edge network without noticing any difference. Repository (BigBoss): http://iphone.sleepers.net/repo.xml
Mobilefinder 1.8
MobileFinder is an iphone filesystem navigator for jailbroken iphones. Repository (STE Packaging): http://repo.smxy.org/iphone-apps/
MobileMoney 0.96
MobileMoney is a financial accounts manager for iphone
MobilePreview 0.1.0
MobilePreview is a Mac Preview utility for the iPhone
MobileScrobbler 1.4.4
MobileScrobbler connects your Apple iPhone or iPod Touch with the Last.fm social music website. As you listen to music on your device, MobileScrobbler sends the title, artist, and album to the Last.fm website. Last.fm uses this information to suggest new music, new friends, concerts, and events based on the music you listen to. Repository (STE Packaging): http://repo.smxy.org/iphone-apps/
MobileTerminal 278
Mobile Terminal is a terminal emulator application for the iPhone. Cydia is not required for this version. Repository (BigBoss): http://iphone.sleepers.net/repo.xml
MobileTetrominos 0.8.1
MobileTetrominos is based on the famous tetris game, so now you won't need a PC anymore in order to play tetris, just grab your iphone and start playing… Repository (STE Packaging): http://repo.smxy.org/iphone-apps/
MobileTextEdit 0.3.1
a simple to use text editor for your iphone. Repository (STE Packaging): http://repo.smxy.org/iphone-apps/
MPG 1.0.4
MPG tracks fuel, oil changes, tune-ups, inspections, tire rotations, windshield wipers, car washes, trips, and other miscellaneous expenses for your car. It generates statistics such as average miles per gallons, total cost of gas, and average price of gas. Fuel economy is calculated for the fuel entries. Time, distance and time per distance are calculated for trips. US, Metric, UK, and Canadian u
MxTube 1.5b
MxTube is a native video downloader for iphone
NOIZ2SA 1.1.2
NOIZ2SA is a sidescroller shooter game for iphone. Repository (BigBoss): http://iphone.sleepers.net/repo.xml
Netchess 1.4.1
Netchess allows you to play a chessgame agains a live opponent on the network. Repository (Gogosoft): http://www.blackblack.org/gogobeta.plist
Nikotalkie 1.4.5
Simply start Nikotalkie on your iPhone, pick a name you want to send your message to, record it, review it (or not) and send it! Repository (BigBoss): http://iphone.sleepers.net/repo.xml
Othello 0.1
the famous game Othello converted in order to work on your iphone. Repository (BigBoss): http://iphone.sleepers.net/repo.xml
iphone PDF Viewer
the title says it all, a simple PDF viewer for your iphone (version 0.03) Repository (BigBoss): http://iphone.sleepers.net/repo.xml
Pedometer 0.2
this is an experimental project, if you run this application while keeping your iphone in your pocket it should be able to calculate your steps. requires iPhone Firmware 1.x
SMSNotify 2.0
SMSNotify message repeater
Notifier 2.1
Notifier 2.1 iphone notifications
MySMS 0.99
MySMS iphone SMS encrypter
Mcleaner 1.6.4
Mcleaner iphone callfilter
iRealSMS 2.0
iRealSMS 2.0
iBlacklist iphone callfilter software
Snapture 2.2.4
Snapture iphone camera application
Pushr 0.7
Pushr flickr iphone upload tool
gPsPhone 5
gPSPhone 5 gameboy sim
MyFox iphone browser
Adblock iphone MobileSafari ads blocker
vlc4iphone 1.6.1
vlc4iphone iphone media player
Qik iphone video streamer
LiveCLIQ iphone video streamer
iComic 13
iComic iphone comic viewer
Scrobbled 3.141
Scrobbled last.fm iphone daemon
gTxtEdit iphone text editor
CopierciN 0.3
CopierciN iphone copy and paste
Minipiano 1.2.1
minipiano for iphone
iDrums 1.0
iDrums iphone drum machine